Tonx Brasil/N. M. Bali Blend

50/50. The Bali I wrote about yesterday, the tonx is two month old (!!!!) fancy coffee, which got lost in the shuffle. No high notes in any of this. I think the most notable thing in this and yesterday cup was the heavy body and distinct bitterness in both. I suspect that this is mostly the Monsooned Bali, but I have enough of the tonx Brazilian to brew up a cup of it by itself. If I do I’ll let you know what it’s like.

First, a disclaimer. I’m no respecter of rules in general, and coffee culture is rife with rules—just waiting to be broken! Mostly I break coffee rules out of necessity or convenience. The main thing is, of course to achieve that morning fix!

There’s something I’ve found that’s rather wonderful about quality coffee, though. Even abused and misused in some fairly fundamental ways, high quality coffee can still be fun to drink! Certain things shouldn’t be messed with: weak coffee is weak coffee, no way around that. And most of the rest make a good deal of sense. It’s certainly possible to over or under-roast any coffee. The results may be interesting, but they are usually clearly not optimal. But cold coffee, and carefully reheated (you DO NOT want to boil it) coffee, even the next day, is better than bad coffee straight out of the pot!