Brasil – Carmo de Minas

What we’re roasting and shipping this week

Brazil Carmo de Minas Dry-Process Peaberry

Carmo de MinasThe current trends in coffee seem to be toward more aromatic and acidic coffees. Even Indonesians, traditionally known for their funkiness and body, are beginning to appear in brighter guises. This is fine.

Still, I’ve been finding myself hankering for the older style flavors, usually characterized by descriptives like nutty, chocolatey, or caramel. So I’ve selected a few coffees with this sort of flavor profile to offer.

This week I’ll be roasting a dry-process Brazilian peaberry from the Carmo de Minas region. A lot of Brazilian coffee is low altitude, and Robusta. This is a high grown Arabica, the basic requirement for high quality coffee. Dry processing tends to accentuate the syrupy, nutty flavor qualities present in this coffee. This pick is part of an effort on my part to complement the bright wet process Ethiopian and Central American coffees I’ve been selecting and roasting lately.

Peaberry refers to this being a selection of spherical, rather than the normal hemispherical beans. This probably alters roast characteristics somewhat, but there’s no evidence it has any recognizable effect on flavor.

Image: Véu de Noiva waterfall, from Wikimedia