Ethiopia Dry Process Natural Mokamba

This is a coffee I first tried as part of a cupping training at Coffee Solutions, the training arm of InterAmerican Coffee, our newest supplier.

I liked it so much I immediately inquired about getting a bag. It’s a high quality Ethiopian, quite aromatic, with what I would call an apricot aroma, quite pronounced at times. Otherwise it’s full bodied, with chocolatey deep notes, particularly as it cools. While it has sufficient acidity to support the high notes of the flavor, I wouldn’t say the acidity is particularly pronounced.

I recently had the experience of entering a large room where we had been brewing this coffee for an event. I’d stepped out momentarily, and when I returned the remarkable aroma of this coffee was evident filling the whole room!

Actually getting this coffee was an adventure. I discovered that the shipping from New Jersey was going to be twice what it would cost me in gasoline to go down and bring it back myself, and treat myself to a trip to New York City. This is one of the perks of having a very small business!

Photo by Alan Hayes

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