Rwanda Nyamasheke Karengara

African Coffees
African Coffees
Sourced from Sweet Maria’s.

This name, and a lot of them, can be read like a postal address but in reverse. Rwanda is the country, Nyamasheke the district, and Karengera the particular washing station or processing mill, which serves a certain local group of growers.

This is actually one of my all time favorite coffees. It’s a high quality coffee but not particularly flashy. There’s no unusual standout character to it. It’s just really wonderful coffee in the cup. I’ve roasted this one light (City+), dark (Full City+), and ultimately as a melange (mixture of dark and light roasts). I’ve had the experience of sitting sipping this coffee and just being bowled over by it. It’s also been a favorite with a number of customers.

From Sweet Maria’s cupping report:

Floral, honey-like aromatics permeate the flavor profile of Karengera. The dry fragrance has sweet butter and honey with honeysuckle flowers. Adding hot water, the same sweetness persists with hibiscus as the dominant floral note.

Full City roast features more cocoa-like aromatics, with brown sugar and caramel cookie in the wet aroma. The cup taste is in line with the aromatics. In light roasts, the brightness and flavor lean towards hibiscus with a tart but sweet flavor.

Darker roasts have a more developed caramelized sugar character. Brown sugar and sweet cacao bring the sweetness together before finishing buttery and macadamia-like.

Photo: Dennis Tang on flickr, adapted/changed, License SA-BY-2.0

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