Mexico Organic Oaxaca La Lagunilla Cooperative

Cathedral of Oaxaca by Russ Bowling on flickr
Cathedral of Oaxaca
This coffee is a blend of coffees from forty different farmers with small holdings in and around the small town of Cacolotepec in Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. Oaxaca has a robust agricultural sector, of which coffee is only a part. The La Lagunilla Cooperative is recently formed and handles the latter stages of the coffee milling and the marketing. This is a wet process, organic certified coffee.

While brighter than the Cameroon Mifi Longberry which I ordered at the same time, this is also a sweet and bodied coffee with emphasized notes of coffee, nuts, and dark sugar. One of the terms that Sweet Maria’s uses to describe this coffee is “coffee-like”. Again, another venture into finding a mild, balanced coffee without particular extremes. And I will have more to say when it arrives and I can roast a sample.

This is definitely a nutty coffee, at the same time fairly bright. I would not call it fruity or floral in any way. Hazelnuts come to mind. Quite distinctly sweet.

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