How to not run out of coffee

Empty Coffee CupFirst, there’s a lot of other coffee in the world, so no one’s likely to have to go without. But we’d like you to be able to drink fresh Hayes Home Roast with as little interruption as possible.

The best way to never run out is to get an extra pack, and stick it in the freezer unopened, so as to avoid picking up taints. Freezer coffee is comparable to real fresh coffee, but has a significantly shorter open freshness period, closer to a week than to two. When you go to use it, it’s not a bad idea to let it warm to room temperature before you open the pouch, though this may be unnecessary nuance. Or you can just open the bag and go!

You should probably rotate it for a new one every month or two, though the coffee will in all likelihood be acceptable even after that. If you find yourself more than two packs ahead, let me know, and we can make an adjustment.

I’m a believer in not putting things in the way of the simple enjoyment of coffee. You may lose as much enjoyment by feeling you’re not living up to some exacting requirement as you might from the actual degradation of the coffee. If you derive enjoyment from the ritual and fussiness, that’s okay, too.

The main thing I’ve noticed is that the difference in result when starting with superior quality fresh coffee leaves a lot of room for a better than average coffee experience, even if you don’t follow all the rules religiously!