Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages

This is a nice solid Rwandan coffee. As is typical of this origin it isn’t outrageous in any way, just a nice solid every morning coffee. Karenge is a region in eastern Rwanda. Coffee Villages is the name of the milling station where the raw coffee beans are processed. These are often named after the nearest town, but in this case that name was taken.

I am particularly fond of Rwandan coffees. They are fairly predictable, and have both a solid balance of qualities and enough difference to distinguish them. This Karenge is typical, in that it has a lot of solid coffee taste, while having enough brightness not to be in any way dull. You may notice some citrus fruit flavor here. This is definitely not an acidic coffee. Rwandas may not often be sensational, but they definitely grow on you. While I am definitely a fan of the other more outspoken East African origins, in particular, Ethiopia and Yemen, some of my very favorites, all time, have been Rwandans.