About Hayes Home Roast

Who I Am

Hayes Home Roast is the coffee business of Alan Hayes. I ordered my first eight coffee sampler from Sweet Maria’s on February 1st, 2001.

Recently I decided to expand this activity into a small business, with the express mission of extending my experience of fresh, extremely high quality coffee to a limited number of other coffee lovers. I’m firmly committed to having a very personal business. I’m limiting the size of the enterprise in order to keep it personal and manageable. If you have questions or suggestions .

My Coffee

Home roast coffee is about freshness, quality, and variety. I We ensure freshness by roasting once a week and never selling coffee past a ten day freshness window. I encourage our customers to sign up for one of our subscriptions as the best way to be sure of always having fresh coffee at hand.

Identifying high quality coffees is an involved undertaking, requiring tasting many samples of specific coffee lots. I get most of my green coffee from a company called Sweet Maria’s, and their wholesale arm, Coffee Shrub, whom I consider one of the best sources of high quality coffee in the country. In addition to being a wonderful source of excellent green coffee, Sweet Maria’s is a great place to pursue a coffee education. They have vast amounts of information about all aspects of coffee, presented with a refreshing absence of hype. They also sell a carefully assembled and tested selection of coffee paraphernalia ranging from roasters to grinders to brewers.

I’ve recently begun sourcing coffee from InterAmerican Coffee, another larger supplier of green coffee with whom I have connections.

I roast small batches of specific varietal coffee lots selected from an available list of fifty to sixty offerings. Once a particular lot is sold out, which may be in a couple of weeks, or a few months, that’s it. There will be other similar coffees available, but each particular lot is in fact unique. I feel this is part of the charm of coffee done the way we do it. It’s about interesting variety, not about consistency and sameness and an effort to avoid not very good coffee.

Drinking the sort of coffee I roast and drink myself means having a good reason to pay attention and taste each cup. And you’ll be drinking the same coffee I do, and want to hear about it from you.