About the Coffee

Our basic philosophy in supplying people with coffee is to replicate the experience we have had for many years as home roasters. We roast coffee from one particular lot chosen each week from the coffees we’ve selected and have in stock. We roast in multiple small batches, ordinarily on Sunday or Monday each week to fulfill our shipment obligations for that week, in order to get the coffee to you at the point of optimum freshness. We also do not make blends, preferring to provide the uniqueness and variety available only through specific micro-lots. Coffee needs to be fresh roasted to really taste it, and we love it when our customers tell us about how they look forward to tasting their coffee each morning.

You can read about the current and recent coffees at our Coffee of the Week page.

Our coffees are selected mainly from the offerings available from Sweet Maria’s and Coffee Shrub, the sister companies founded and operated by Thompson Owen. Sweet Maria’s has been in the business of supplying home coffee roasters with excellent green coffees for roughly twenty years, and we’ve been loyal customers for the last eighteen.

Coffee Shrub is Owen’s newer outlet, aimed at small scale commercial roasters and selling in quantities of fifty pounds and more. Beyond being a vital source of very high quality coffees, we look to Tom’s businesses as exemplars of the best practices of transparency and commitment to quality we know of in the coffee business. We encourage you to visit both of these sites to learn more about coffee in general, and our coffees in particular. If you see something that interests you, let us know and we will consider stocking it.

We’re also beginning to diversify our sourcing with selections with coffees from Genuine Origins, the newly established small roaster branch of an old, established green coffee supplier, Volcafé, which is currently closing in on 170 years of selling green coffee..