Storing, Grinding & Brewing
Storing, Grinding & Brewing
Our goal at Hayes Home Roast is to find and roast the best coffee we can, and then get it to you while it’s really truly fresh. Once you’ve got it, we can only advise, but we still have a pretty strong interest in seeing that you store and prepare it properly.

The main thing is once you get it drink it up! While you are doing that it’s fine to keep your coffee in the package we sent it in, or to transfer it to a container of your choice, preferably one with a tight cover. If you’re not done with whatever batch of coffee you’re currently using, put the new coffee in the freezer still sealed, until you’re ready to start using it. If possible, let it warm to room temperature, then treat it like any fresh coffee. Do not store coffee, once opened, in either the freezer or the refrigerator!

Grinding should probably have its own section given its importance in the making of a good cup of coffee. The essential thing is to grind just before you brew, not too fine, not too coarse. A good grinder can be expensive but is the best place to start spending money if you’re interested in improving your cup quality.

Brewing can be done by a variety of methods. All of them accomplish the same end: mixing the freshly ground coffee thoroughly with the proper amount of near boiling water, allowing it to infuse and then separating the resulting liquor from the grounds.

Generally speaking most of the manual methods – drip, French Press, vacuum pot, Moka pot – produce good coffee easily and with lesser equipment expense. Automatic brewers are either fairly expensive or result in a less than optimum brew.