Indiegogo perks

We are committed to making all aspects of our coffee business adaptble to people’s needs. Rather than making the perks section on our indiegogo campaign unnecessarily complicated, we are putting the finer details and options here.

As we’ve said before, we are offering three different kinds of perks:

One—coffee! The idea of people getting coffee that they can’t drink while it is still fresh pains us, even more than the thought of them drinking inferior coffee! Consequently we offer our coffee subscriptions in quantities as small as 6 ounces per pack and then increasing from that amount in six ounce increments: 6, 12, 18, and so forth. We ship subscriptions weekly, in order to ensure that the coffee can be drunk within its two week fresh period. The only exception to this is our mini-sub, which consists of 6 ounces shipped every other week.

Any of the coffee perks can be adjusted as to amount and frequency, to suit your requirements. If you choose one of them we will send you an email with the available options.

You can also have your coffee perk sent to a friend, or split it half and half with a friend. Yo can also donate it to a charity. We have a couple of charities here in the Berkshires that we give excess and surplus coffee to, and we will donate your coffee perk to one of them in your name. Alternatively, we can send the coffee to a charity of your choice. If you choose this alternative we will work directly with the charity to provide the coffee to them in the best manner for their use.

After receiving your contribution we will send you an email with the options for your particular perk. You can choose among them or, if you do nothing, the coffee will be delivered as outlined in the perk description at indiegogo.

Two—Loot! There are basically two categories of swag, mugs and t-shirts. A shirt is worth two mugs, so at the middle levels you can trade 2 mugs for a shirt. At the higher levels, you get your choice—two mugs, two shirts, a mug and a shirt.