Special Charitable Coffee Give-away

I have several 6 oz bags of coffee that are surplus to my requirements. (I can only drink so much myself!) If anyone reading this would like one please let me know ASAP. I would like to get the mailing cost, $2.77, but the coffee is free this time. No takers and I will donate my excess to a local soup kitchen. I am still deciding on which one but it will probably be The Friends of the Night People. Soup kitchens love getting coffee.

If you don’t want the coffee but would like to donate to the soup kitchen, the cost is $5.00. This sends them 12 oz of coffee and is at my cost for the coffee, being that there is no postage involved. This won’t be from my present overage but newly roasted beans. If you want coffee to drink AND coffee to give, that will set you back $7.50, basically the price when the two other offers are added together. I recommend this one. You are a nice person and deserve to drink good coffee!

These terms apply to this present offer and the excess coffee on hand only. When the deadline is past, there will be coffee available at my regular price and a good probability that something like this offer will become at least a semi-regular thing.

If you don’t know about my coffee go to the front page of the website, www.hayeshomeroast.com for more info.
If you are ready to go ahead click on the button below to start the process.

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