We are two brothers, each with over a decade’s experience roasting coffee at home for ourselves and our friends. In that time we have roasted and drunk approximately a thousand pounds of coffee, and something around four hundred distinct varieties. We have decided to expand our roasting into a small business. We cater to a select group of coffee drinkers, duplicating the unique experience of home roasted coffee for them, without their having to roast it themselves. If you’d like to try our coffee you can either buy a bag, a subscription, or try a three ounce, money back on your first order, sample.

The main thing we learned as home roasters is the importance of freshness for great tasting coffee. After ten to fourteen days we consider coffee to be no longer truly fresh. Our service is based on supplying our customers with the same sort of impeccably fresh coffee that we enjoy.

Unless coffee is fresh, other considerations of quality are not all that significant. After two months, good coffee will likely be somewhat better than similarly aged mediocre coffee, but quite often not as good as that same average coffee, fresh.

Evaluating coffee flavor is done through a process similar to wine tasting, and many thousands of samples must be tried in order to assemble even a short list of superior coffees. We rely on the people at our suppliers; Sweet Maria’s, their wholesale arm, Coffee Shrub, and InterAmerican Coffee, to do the preliminary selection.

We then choose our coffees from their selections, through our own tasting, and through feedback from a select group of coffee drinkers, and our customers.

Please see for yourself either by buying a bag, a subscription, or getting our one-time money back on first order sample.